What did baseball mean to race relations and the American identity before integration?

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  1. Baseball is the “National Pastime” and before World War II it was the most popular sport in America. No blacks were permitted to play in white organized ball until 1946 because of racist league management. What do you think the fact that blacks created their own separate leagues says about the role of baseball in the American identity?

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    Answer by Alex
    Baseball is a fun sport plus everyone desired to play. Not permitting blacks to play was redicolous considering various african americans/ethnicities now are league leaders inside MLB. Baseball had a key roll about segregation, particularly Jackie Robinson.

  2. I am doing baseball as a topic for the Great Depression, and these answers are needed. I dont have enough time to look for them myself, It would be great for the help. xoxo

    Answer by Bert Weidemeier
    Where did we hear which any groups were dropped, there was clearly the same # of groups following the Depression because there was clearly before the depression.

  3. Anyone know what baseball teams/games hold the record for the most homeruns and/or grand slams?

    Answer by BAGOFSWAGS
    It cant be over 2 GS. Ill state the Yankees inside the 50s


    those are single player nevertheless I question it has ever occurred 3 instances inside a game

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