Dec 15 2012

What is the Best game making software to make professional flash games?

  1. Please can someone tell what the best game making software is so i can make professional games. Money doesnt matter. Also possibly can it have no coding.
    Please dont say Game Maker 7.0 because Ive tried that and its rubbish.
    Something 100% professional so i can submit it to a website. Something so i can make games like feudalism, street fighter, platform racing.
    Please Help Me.

    Answer by Universe_boy
    to make professional flash games you need to use adobe flash. But you need to know all the scripts and everything. There arent any small software to make professional games. and you might need to have a graphic knowledge to do it alone.

  2. If you are a gamer what do you spend on games a year?
    How much more is it over the music you buy?

    Doing some inclass research


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    If you dont buy CDs as often, why is that? How do you get your music?

    Answer by marie
    I would say at least a couple hundred dollars on games a year, and maybe around $ 100 on music. I just dont buy CDs as often as I used to.

    I guess I just listen to music online more than I did a few years ago. And the music stores around here have slowly been dying out. The only two stores nearby that sell CDs are Best Buy and Wal Mart, and neither of those stores have a great selection of music. I set up an account on Amazon not long ago, so Ill probably start buying most of my CDs there.

  3. What folder do I need to copy games to in order for them to show up under xbox 360 games section in the freestyle dash menu? I can play games using file manager but they wont show up in the right section.

    Answer by Nana Nancy
    i know how to backup xbox 360 games, but it is with game copy pro, not freestyle dash. i used the software to backup my xbox 360 games, the sound and picture quality of the resulting copies are just like the originals. here is it,if freestyle dash doesnt work, hope it may help you.

    or if you just want to burn your games using freestyle dash,the site below may give you a step-by-step guide to burn your games (if they own the same working principle).


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